The team working on Coors, part of the Molson Coors portfolio, needed some fresh eyed strategic thinking on the Coors brand book. The Elephants team had the job of simplifying the brand story into a clear and concise paragraph.


We worked collaboratively with the Coors team to unearth the key attributes, functional and emotional benefits, and the unique proposition of the Coors brand. A key approach was to get into the shoes of the current and target consumers by understanding their relationship with Coors and what they are looking for in the brand.


As well as the key deliverable, which was the simplified brand proposition on a page, we were also able to deliver a review of their consumer, their purchase needs, and the benefits of the brand.

Client Testimonial

“You guys are always good at helping us take a step back and seeing our brand in a more simplified way.”

Lou McLaughlin