With an ambitious goal of becoming the next big brand within the VF Corporation, sitting alongside the likes of Vans and The North Face, Napapijri needed strategic clarity to help drive that growth. They challenged us to clearly articulate the brand’s purpose and to carve out an ownable territory that would set them apart from competitors.


Napapijri was a brand pulling in different directions – high fashion at one end and outdoors adventure at the other, with diverse consumer targets and creative campaigns.

Drawing on the brand’s DNA and heritage, we worked collaboratively with senior stakeholders to bring together these different elements under a single vision – ‘pioneer the future’.

‘Pioneer the future’ captures the brand’s aspiration to lead a movement of future-makers (individuals who align with Napapijri’s values and ethos) and to reshape the apparel industry as a global brand standing at the intersection of sustainability, design and innovation. From this core thought, we clearly defined the brand and its architecture, and brought this all together in an inspiring brand book that would tell Napapijri’s story for internal audiences.


Propelled by this new vision, Napapijri has taken the streets of London by storm in 2019 – creating much excitement and momentum with a pop-up space dedicated to Futurewear collections, a bold new store on Carnaby Street, and evocative advertising campaigns across London transport.

Each of these brand touchpoints brilliantly expresses Napapijri’s ‘pioneer the future’ mentality and challenges us to re-think the way we interact with and consume fashion.