The Big Six energy providers all faced a tough challenge: the home move process was the biggest driver of churn in a low engagement sector – how could they generate greater customer loyalty? Npower were determined to find a solution.


To really get under the skin of the home move process, we ran extensive in-depth interviews with home movers and experts, followed by an ethnographic study that stayed with customers as they progressed through the home move journey. Building on this real life insight, we set out clear innovation platforms to drive an ideation phase, where our internal and client workshops created fresh solutions to an old problem.


Our recommendations included a series of initiatives across different aspects of the home move journey, which are implementable in the short term, whilst not losing sight of the business’s long term goals.

Client Testimonial

“Elephants recently supported us with a tricky qualitative brief involving a broad range of stakeholders and a number of different perspectives and agendas. In the end they were able to provide a number of useful, grounded recommendations which found the right balance between challenging the status quo whilst being realistic enough for stakeholders to believe in.” 

Melanie Hughes, Customer Research & Insight Manager