The makers of Properoni have been supplying to the best pizza restaurant chains in the UK for many years:  Pizza Express, Zizzi, Prezzo, Franca Manga, Pizza Pilgrims.  

The business had been looking at options to bring the product direct to consumers for a number of years, when the asked Elephants to help build the listing case for Tesco.  Elephants helped create the case, and represented the brand to the buyer. 


The Elephants team worked closely with the Properoni team to build the consumer and commercial case. 

The team worked at speed, given just three weeks between being commissioned and led the pitch meeting with the Cured Meats buyer to present the category, consumer and brand case for the listing. 


The pitch was successful and 3 SKUs of the the product listed in 400 Tesco stores across the country.  The team asked Elephants to continue to support the brand through a successful implementation and a programme of activity to secure rapid consumer sales to follow the launch.