Historically number 1 in Roast & Ground coffee, Taylors were looking to strengthen their category position. Whilst their coffee blends were known and loved, with competitors starting to move into the category, Taylors knew that this was no time to be complacent.


We set out to start a chain reaction to transform the brand and business, with a two-phased approach. We defined a clear mission for Taylors as the “leading voice in fresh coffee” that set a strategic agenda for the brand. With foundations in place we delivered a pipeline of ideas and brand initiatives that would ensure long term growth of the brand.


5 new product ranges have been launched including Coffee Bags and the Half Caff range.

“One of your founding principles is the ‘chain reaction’ and we have seen that ripple effect genuinely happen here. I would describe it more like a tsunami of change rather than a ripple. You have delivered big time.” Simon Eyles, Marketing Director