Remeo Gelato going green

Remeo is not an ice cream. And it’s not a run-of-the-mill brand either. A previous client of ours, Remeo is a premium gelato brand that’s pioneering sustainability as well as shaking up the category with its beauty-inspired aesthetics and innovative packaging.

Remeo has recently made some big decisions. It’s now the first ice cream brand to switch to jars made from 100% recycled plastic and lids made completely from sugarcane plastic, in addition to all the packaging being 100% recyclable. The brand’s bold new ‘I’m not a virgin’ campaign, sheds light on its sustainability in a humorous way and has been using social media to galvanise support from consumers to make the switch too.

A great example of a brand prioritising sustainability. But it doesn’t stop there. Remeo offers much more than green credentials – the luxury brand promises authentic Italian gelatos that are of the highest quality, both in taste and aesthetics. Made with only natural ingredients in a slow-churn process, Remeo produces gelatos in a range of delicate flavours. And its distinctive transparent jars, inspired by luxury beauty products, exude elegance.

Remeo marries sustainability, luxury and taste together. Further proof that a brand can have it all. And consumers don’t have to compromise.

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