Roald Dahl – the ultimate creator?

As quintessentially British as it is possible to get, Roald Dahl remains a cherished icon in the UK for embracing the weird and wonderful. His quirky characters have stood the test of time, and , many of his wacky creations are being unleashed from the page in creative and versatile ways.

For a truly immersive Roald Dahl experience Les Enfants Terribles, in collaboration with Bompas & Parr, are inviting people to partake in an immersive theatre and dining experience named ‘Dinner at the Twits’. Bringing the awful Twits to life, to host a dinner party with the most ‘disgusting’ food imaginable, should be an unappealing offer to consumers. However this extraordinary experience talks directly to the inner child with whom Dahl often spoke and offers a unique experience which assaults the senses and plays directly into their childhood nostalgia.

If Dinner with the Twits is not for you, Boden have just launched a fashion line in partnership with Roald Dahl, inspired by the quirky characters of his novels including Matilda, James (of the Giant Peach) and Fantastic Mr Fox. The quirky spirits of Dahl’s characters, including pattern descriptions and events from his novels have influenced the range, springing fun from the pages of the novels, onto the catwalk. Meaning every little girl and boy can dress just like their favourite characters.

Alternatively if your passion is film, only last month Spielberg’s re-imagination of the much-loved classic ‘The BFG’ was premiered with very positive reviews from critics. Marrying cutting edge new technology with all the charm of the original scripts, Spielberg’s film managed to capture the charm and wonder of the books. The injection of CGI ‘magic’ enhanced the experience of the viewer, who could for the first time ever, be transported by 3D viewing to the world that Dahl created.

At their essence, Dahl’s books exhibit an unbridled creativity and I think he would be thrilled to see his characters brought to life in all of their fabulously bizarre glory. Through out-of-the-box thinking, and staying true to the core values of the brand, such examples serve to show how heritage brands can continue to offer a magical experience, long after they have been established.

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