Stylist a living, breathing brand.

Stylist: a living, breathing brand.

Since it launched as the first ‘freemium’ weekly magazine in 2009, Stylist has become somewhat of a media phenomenon with a loyal following and for good reason. A magazine written by women for women, it is much more than your average mag. It’s role-model journalism and first rate branding in one. Visionary, consumer-centric, innovative, Stylist has everything that makes a brand great.

It has a clear guiding vision.

Ever since its conception, Stylist has stood apart from the saccharin, shallow and predictable glossies that fill the newsstands. Its mission was to be a magazine for modern women: intelligent, professional, diverse. And it comes across in every word, image and article. Alongside thought provoking editorial, you still find beauty, fashion and celebrity interviews but all with a positive, original or witty spin. This is a brand that stands up for what women believe in, that embraces feminism in a way that feels genuine and that offers a fresh, modern, female perspective on the world.

It puts the reader first; they are Stylist.

There is no denying that Stylist knows its audience, inside out and back to front. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve experienced that jolt of recognition, when it feels like they’ve taken the words out of your mouth or thoughts out of your head. And they don’t take this knowledge for granted; insight constantly evolves and their online panel readers are regularly invited to critique, comment on and create every aspect of this brand. This is shared ownership; an active community that is empowered to shape what Stylist is now and what it will become.

It is adaptive and reactive; never standing still.

Whilst the vision has remained constant, Stylist has never ceased to innovate – whether that’s creating an app, introducing new sections or running initiatives such as the 24-hour challenge or reader-generated edition. But the most significant innovation to date is the Stylist Live event that took place a couple of weeks ago – billed as ‘the ultimate festival for women’, this 4-day extravaganza saw the brand come to life off the page. An eclectic celebration of all things Stylist, this pioneering brand experience is testament to just how confident the brand is and how clearly it knows what it stands for.

So with all of that brilliant editorial, bespoke content and fresh ideas… is it any wonder that Stylist has such a loyal following? This brand not only knows how to deliver, it knows how to make its readers love it too. As it expands into France and the Middle East, I will watch its trajectory with interest and continue to look forward to that Wednesday evening commute which is always brighter and better thanks to Stylist.


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