Sustainabulletin: #1. planet sized consumption

As Greta Thunberg makes her ‘You’re not trying hard enough’ speech to congress we have to ask ourselves as marketers… Are we trying hard enough?

We can’t buy our way out of climate change, that much is clear – consumption is at the heart of the issue after all. And ‘green washing’ brands with attractive messaging and token initiatives feels disingenuous in an age where transparency has become a key component of consumer trust.

We believe that FMCG brands can have an impact. By really committing to a cause, by looking afresh at purchasing models, and by working with consumers to create solutions, brands can move towards a greener way of doing things.

So as marketers, can we use our powers of persuasion and our knowledge of consumers to align brands with a more sustainable way of living? And are we prepared to do so even if it doesn’t add to the bottom line?

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