Sustainabulletin: #3 challenger behaviour

Faced with planet-sized issues, it’s all too easy to continue with the status quo, to bury our heads in the sand and desperately hope it just all goes away. And it’s not just individuals who are feeling overwhelmed by the climate crisis, but big businesses too. Businesses that take one look at the sheer complexity of their supply chain and processes and wonder how they can ever bring about an eco over-haul. 

Perhaps we should all take a leaf out of the start-up book and see if we can channel a little of the entrepreneurial optimism, innovation and determination. Because it’s the start-ups of this world that seem to be leading the way in sustainable mindset. But it’s the big brands that can have the impact, with their size, their reach and their status.

So how can we deliver sustainability at scale? A mindset shift. Little steps forward rather than standing still. A collaborative effort. And above all finding a way to reconcile planet and profit.

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