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The Book that has ‘Nudged’ our Creativity

At Elephants, we love a good book and the occasional nudge in the right direction. So, when we came across the virtual launch of The Creative Nudge, we jumped at the chance of learning a little more…

Written by Kevin Chesters and Mick Mahoney, The Creative Nudge reveals (science-proven) small steps to help creativity flourish and an ability to think differently. Kevin explained that the human brain finds comfort in running on autopilot; we follow similar patterns because it is what we know. But this stunts our creative growth, and we need to stop and think differently. In the words of Kevin, “being too similar is a conspiracy, it’s a conspiracy that we have to break.”

A creative nudge can be as simple as walking to work using a completely different route from your usual, or allowing simple chaos into your life by wearing whatever socks you pick out of the tumble dryer first, regardless of the colour. We can all be a little more creative just by doing familiar things in unfamiliar ways, because being creative makes us happier. It’s science!

Ultimately, the book helps us to understand how we can train our brains with simple nudges to enable us to live a more creative and happier life! Since the launch, we have already tried to implement this nudge theory, at Elephants, by changing up our commute to our office in Central London and trying a Greek restaurant over the usual, albeit well-loved, Nando’s. Who knows what we’ll experiment with next?

The team all have the book on order now and are eager to get our heads into the details on each of the six steps. A huge thank you to Kevin Chesters and Mick Mahoney from all of the Herd!

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