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Three Simple Stages to Rich Consumer Insight

“Insight is the oxygen to all great strategy.”

Amy Watt, Chief Strategy Officer at Dentsu X (Speaker at Group Think Festival 2022)

We at Elephants wholeheartedly agree with Amy’s statement!

Intuition-based decisions can be important and valuable. But, we wonder whether they are only useful in creating a hypothesis. Perhaps they require consumer research to be explored and validated to get the most out of them.

Much of the time, intuition can be very wrong. Sometimes, we might have a strong opinion or view on something. However, do consumers using that brand every day agree with your view?

That’s where robust consumer research steps in. When done well, you can test your intuition ‘in the field’ and unlock honest feedback from consumers.

At Elephants, we use consumer insight to help brands:

understand more about their consumers…
create more engaging and sellable brand assets…
validate potential ideas, copy, sketches, or logos.
We split our consumer insight service into three groups… 
Co-exploration research

This is the stage of research where we can explore and identify consumer opinions, thoughts and feelings. This can be achieved initially in one-on-ones and more in depth in groups. This might be looking at a broader view of the category or exploring a very niche concept or idea about the brand or product to explore the consumer thoughts and feelings on this topic.

Co-Exploration: We did this for Filippo Berio
Co-creation research

This is where we can collaborate closely with consumers to finalise a concept, idea or prototype. This might be mid-way through a design up, or a proposition write-up. Consumers can be vital in bringing fresh eyes, helpful criticism and a valuable insight along the way.

Co-creation: We did this for Nescafe Azera
Co-evaluation research

This is research to validate and evaluate ideas, storyboards, and propositions with consumers which the brand and creative team might already have. We have experienced many a time where several ideas on colour schemes, logos, storyboards or propositions are needed to be filtered down to one with the guidance of consumers.

Co-evaluation: We did this for Dairylea

Here at Elephants Can’t Jump, we can research a consumer at any level or stage within the brand lifestage or project. We work with our clients to recruit, manage, and run the facilitation of the groups to ensure the most fluid procedure. After this, we analyse and develop a ‘Final Findings and Recommendations’ document to ensure that the consumer insight is ready to be applied and worked into the project.

See more of our consumer insight research work here:

When you’re ready to dive into your own consumer insight research…reach out to us for a chat!


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