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Top 3 Creative Valentine’s Day Adverts of 2022

Valentine’s Day: It’s that time of year again when we’re shopping for our Valentine’s, getting together for Palentine’s, or celebrating a little self-love on the 14th February. Unlike last year, 2022 is at least lockdown free and Finder estimates that £1.37 billion could be spent by the UK population for Valentine’s Day in 2022; up from 2021 but not quite as high as in 2020.

Looking around, brands have been approaching the day of love in a variety of ways. From targeting the loved-up couples to the single pringles, we’ve picked out three of the most creative Valentine’s Day adverts of 2022.

‘Dolphin’ – Thortful

Thortful’s Valentine campaign certainly caught our eye. It is the UK card brand’s first major integrated campaign and it illustrates the impact of giving the perfect card to your special person; the advert certainly make an impact.

A bit like Marmite, Thortful’s ad had a bit of a love or hate response from viewers for its very unique approach to the concept of ‘love language’. The ad, titled ‘Dolphin’, features a couple who break into their unique language of love (dolphin noises, of course) triggered by one giving the other a Thortful Valentine’s Day card. The 30-second ad has been applauded for its unique approach but also made other’s feel somewhat uncomfortable (not unlike the bystanders in the advert?). Either way, we think Thortful and their creative agency, Isobel, did a wonderfully unique job.  

‘Be more thoughtful’ – Toblerone

Speaking of Thortful, we’ve got Toblerone teaching us ‘to be more thoughtful’. It goes without saying that chocolate is one of the go-to gifts for Valentine’s day for a lot of people. Toblerone plays with Valentine’s stereotypes and targets the relatable worry and stress of buying the wrong gift for your partner; of course, the solution is a bar of Toblerone to make your loved one smile.

Toblerone’s advert reminds the viewer to ‘be more thoughtful’ with their gift-giving (shame on the guy who bought his girlfriend a game console that he wanted and whoops to the lady who bought her partner ‘cringy’ matching clothes’). We thought it was an interesting play on Valentine’s day stereotypes and a great reminder to shop with the recipient, not just yourself, in mind.

‘Valentine’s Day Alibi’ – Cadbury 5 Star

What about the customers who aren’t looking to celebrate Valentine’s in the conventional sense? Cadbury 5 Star has them covered. The chocolate brand offers up the perfect alibi for all the single ladies and lads.

Customers have the chance to win a holiday to a rented island, renamed ‘My Cousin’s Wedding’. So, when singles are asked the dreaded question, “What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?’, they can say truthfully, ‘Traveling to My Cousin’s Wedding!’ It goes without saying that the island is a singles’ paradise completely devoid of hearts and the colour of red. A very witty, humourous and unique approach to Valentine’s Day advertising!

What Valentine’s campaigns have caught your eye this February 14th?

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Header image source: Thortful 

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