Top 3 Valentine’s Day Ads of 2023

Valentine’s Day: It’s that time of year again – love is in the air…and we LOVED seeing the way brands approached the day of love. From cereal to contacts, we’ve picked out three of our favourite Valentine’s Day adverts of 2023.

1. Cheerios – “Have a Change of Heart”

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about romantic love! Cheerios makes sure to remind us to love ourselves and our loved ones. Their latest US campaign brings us their spokesperson Leslie David Baker (who most of us will recognise as disgruntled paper salesman Stanley from The Office series!). Along with his former co-star Phyllis Smith, the ad highlights works with the joyful humour between Leslie, Phyllis, and Buzz to tell us how Cheerios can help us work towards a heart-healthy lifestyle in a way that doesn’t have to feel so serious – over a bowl of Cheerios!

The year-long rollout will look to spur conversations around heart health throughout 2023, while the brand brings back its heart-shaped Cheerios for a limited time only from now through March. It’s a short, sweet and effective ad spot that gets a clear message out in a simply and light-hearted way. We love it!

2. McDonalds – ‘Knowing Their Order’

McDonald’s smashed their ad spot with this personable and relatable ad spot, which aired during the Super Bowl pregame show. We’ve included it in our Valentine’s Day picks as it features a range of couples, including rappers Cardi B and Offset, who recall memories about their McDonald’s experiences and show that they ‘know’ their partner because they know their McDonald’s order – a sign of true love! 

Showcasing a range of ages, ethnicities, abilities and sexual orientations, McDonald’s has showcased how accessible and relatable their chain is to anyone and everyone.

Outside of the ad, McDonald’s chains are offering a ‘Cardi B and Offset shared order’ to drive sales and app downloads. To further boost efforts, the brand is working with dating apps like Tinder and BLK to help break the ice by sharing a meal at Mcdonald’s. A great effort both within and outside the ad spot!

3. Specsavers – ‘Kiss Clash’

Finally, we have an ad spot to promote contact lenses. Not the most romantic concept, we agree; however, Specsavers’ approach was incredibly smart and endearing!

‘Kiss Clash’ highlights the issue that glasses-wearers face when trying to share a kiss with a loved one – the glasses! The campaign urges the public to not let their ‘specs get in the way’. Featuring short clips of real-life couples who wear glasses struggling to kiss successfully, the ad encourages consumers to try out a free contact lense trial – so nothing gets in the way of their Valentine’s Day!

A wonderful combination of humour and consumer insight here, to inform a very clever ad!

What Valentine’s campaigns caught your eye this year?

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