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Wellbeing 101: #1 let’s get physical

Once it meant crash diets and the occasional trip to the gym. Now physical wellbeing encompasses every aspect of bodily self-care. And it’s something that consumers of all shapes and sizes are engaging with.

The effects of this new consciousness have been particularly felt in the food and drink sector. Nearly every brief we work on here at Elephants has an aspect of health to it – whether that’s understanding flexitarianism, exploring how the desire for balance is impacting socialising, or working with brands to launch naturally ‘good-for-you’ products.

And it doesn’t stop there. With a growing recognition of the stresses our bodies have to endure, sleep is now the nation’s new obsession. Meanwhile, fitness has become an experience and wearable technology means we have the ability to measure and manage like never before – giving us the feeling of control that we desire.

Change continues at pace. The list of inspiring brands keeps growing. Here’s a snapshot of some physical wellbeing trends that have grabbed our attention and brands that have captured our imagination…

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