COVID-19: Weekly Consumer Insights Report

Weekly online consumer focus groups, to help you understand the changes in consumer habits, behaviours and attitudes during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Life has changed dramatically for every one of us in ways unimaginable a few months ago due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The lockdown has meant consumer habits and behaviours have changed overnight, including the way we eat, sleep and exercise. 

But interestingly there is also early evidence to suggest that our attitudes towards food, consumption and health are also changing quickly. These attitudinal shifts are likely to cause further implications in behaviour over the days and weeks ahead. 

Our clients have told us they want to keep up with these changes in order to help households and their business to keep going under these unusual and trying circumstances. 

As a result, Elephants Can’t Jump have started weekly online consumer focus groups, to help our clients understand the changes in consumer habits, behaviours and attitudes during this period.

The groups will occur every Tuesday and Wednesday evening, with the debrief on your desktop by Friday lunchtime. 

Participation in this programme costs just £700 per week. This includes access to our weekly report, and the opportunity to include at least 2 specific questions in the groups that are relevant to your business. Each week we will also give two clients the opportunity to observe the groups first-hand. 

For more information on our real-time insights into how businesses can adapt to support their customers during the pandemic, and for a free copy of week one’s report, please contact us using the form below.