Welcome to the jungle.

We march as a herd. A close-knit bunch of brand builders who believe that by sharing ideas and challenging each other we can achieve great things. Our clients say we’re ‘strategic’, ‘enthusiastic’, insightful’ – which sounds good to us! We balance a core team with a wider rogue network made up of highly experienced moderators, creatives, experts and mavericks… giving us edge and bringing fresh thinking to what we do.

Bob Bayman

Managing Director

London based agency

Rupinder Ashworth

Senior Brand Builder

14 Gray’s Inn Road

The jungle

Jasmeet Soor

Assistant Brand Builder

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Carmen Acedo

Finance Manager

Danielle Horsley

Brand Building Executive



Bob Morrison

Wise Elephant

Always seeking inspiration

Inherently creativity

Ric Simcock

Wise Elephant

Herd mentality

Dan Boustead

Recruiter (rogue Elephant)

Constantly adapting

Emma Noble

Designer (rogue Elephant)

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Victoria Barnes

Designer (rogue Elephant)


speaking engagements.


The Elephants are often asked to take part in conferences and workshops – to share our experience and perspectives on branding and innovation. Here are just a few of the latest:

British Heart Foundation, UK – May 2018

As part of the Foundation’s ‘Fearless Innovation’ two-day conference we created a 45 minute workshop to help install innovation as part of everyday culture within the organisation.

Lloyds Bank via Arcadis, London – Dec 2017

A wonderful brief to inspire and engage one of the UK’s leading bank groups without mentioning banking of financial services once! The result was a heady mixture of provocation and humour that challenged the latest thinking in bank retail design.

Havaianas, Madrid – Dec 2017

Elephants were asked to give a different and challenging perspective on brand experience and the future of retail at their EMEA Annual Conference.

University of Creative Arts, London – Dec 2017

Elephants now have an annual slot with the Fashion Management and Marketing – each December we give a latest view on brand strategy and its expression through the branded customer experience.


We are always on the lookout for bright, talented and creative new elephants to join the herd. Please get in touch with us at ellie@elephantscantjump.com with any inquiries.


Some of our partners help us out with specific skills, some of them act as introducers to help us to build out into new markets for which they are spiritually and financially thanked.

If you think you can add to the wider team then drop us a line or give us a call.