What We Do

Consumer Insight Research

We are most alive when we are with your consumers. Understanding them is the key to your brand’s success. Our dedicated team facilitates consumer groups and manages the process from beginning to end, whilst keeping your objectives front of mind.

Co-exploration research

We explore your target consumers’ understanding, thoughts and feelings about certain topics, market sectors and your brand.

Co-creation research

We collaborate with consumers to create new products or services, brand positionings and comms messaging.

Co-evaluation research

We work with consumers to evaluate new concepts, innovations, brand positionings and comms messaging.

Brand Strategy Consultation

We help make your brand more valuable to consumers, to the trade and to your business itself. We help you get closer to your overarching business goals, for years to come.

Brand (Re) Purpose, Personality & Values

Through collaborative workshops, we help to clarify and define your brand’s purpose, personality, brand truths and values.

Brand Identity & Design

We create new brand identities and designs which inspire teams, the trade and consumers.

Competitive Strategy

We deep dive into current and potential competition and trends, which might affect your brand.

Propositions & Claims

We collaborate with you to craft the most engaging propositions and claim territories, to ensure your brand stands out in crowded markets.

Internal Alignment Strategy

We assist you in reviving internal teams and creating unity around an exciting strategy.

Innovation Strategy Consultation

Discovering insight-driven innovation opportunities or need states across brand, product and consumer viewpoints, to provide strong business growth.

Our approach to innovation is a process…

Step 1

Solidify the scope and objective and identify the reason and need for innovation

Step 2

Create a Framework for Innovation

Step 3

Ideate and create a series of potential products and solutions

Step 4

Test the potential solutions to the problems, with consumers, the trade and the internal stakeholders

Step 5

Create and establish a pipeline for launch

What We Don’t Do

At Elephants, we believe there’s truth in the saying that ‘a jack of all trades is a master of none’.

For this reason, we’re specialists in our three services, but we are not an agency for PR, comms, advertising or media.

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